The Scott Reese Leadership Camp (Oregon), founded in 1991, will be celebrating its 24th anniversary this summer!

The high school curriculum focuses on the leadership skills and techniques associated with having a successful high school marching band season.  The collegiate track of our camp takes a broader look at these same leadership skills and how they can be applied in other areas of life.  The collegiate campers also receive opportunity to apply their leadership at camp by presenting their own seminars, creating a dynamic marching performance for the final camp show, and learning a diverse set of instructional and assessment techniques that will benefit them greatly as they begin their lives after high school.  Many of our collegiate campers are alumni of our high school camp, though it is not a requirement.

The food at camp is truly amazing!  Meals are prepared by two cooks who have worked on staff at our camp for many many years.  Each meal offers a selection of fruits, vegetables, main course, and of course dessert!  There are three meals served throughout the day and a “snack shack” open at night .  Every meal offers a vegetarian option and provides a good balance of the nutrients that you’ll need to stay energized.  If you have dietary restrictions, please specify on your camp application and medical release form so that we can accomodate you accordingly.

High school campers stay in one of our many cabins, centrally located by the main mess hall, bathrooms, and instruction areas.  Cabins are separated by gender and monitored by camp staff and counselors.

Collegiate campers experience a more independent camp setting by staying in tents, also centrally located by the main mess hall, bathrooms, and instructional areas.

You are welcome to bring your instrument to camp if you wish, though it is not required and you will most likely find yourself with plenty of other fun activities to fill your free time.  If you are a trumpet player who is interested in playing Reveille in the morning as we raise the flag or Taps at night as we lower the flag, you are welcome to bring your own trumpet though the camp staff will also be supplying one.

You are welcome to bring a cell phone, though cell service at camp is not a guarantee.  Cell phone use during camp should be limited to your free time; meaning, we encourage you to leave your phone in your cabin and not bring it to lectures, lessons, and activities.  There is a landline at the camp, which should be used only during emergencies.  The landline numbers are supplied in your information packets, as well as in the “Dates & Location” section of each camp here on the website.

You are welcome to bring your car, though parking is limited and we encourage campers to carpool.  If you do decide to bring your car, you will not be allowed to drive during the week of camp.