The proven curriculum offered at Scott Reese Leadership Camp concentrates the students’ time into two different areas:

  • Practical Knowledge and Leadership and
  • Individualized Track Curriculum

Practical Knowledge and Leadership: Over the course of one week, students receive instruction and training in basic and advanced marching band concepts and leadership techniques. Study of marching fundamentals includes understanding body mechanics involved with successful marching, the structure and timing of commands, the history behind traditional marching maneuvers, and the instructional skills necessary to actively improve others’ marching technique on an individual or large-group level. Students deepen their understanding of drill reading, drill setting strategies, marching exercises, conducting, and score reading through hands-on, goal-oriented activities.

In addition to this wealth of history and knowledge, students are introduced crucial lessons about what it means to lead their peers within the marching band activity. Students will return home not only inspired, but also prepared to take on the interpersonal and organizational challenges of leadership. Each day comes with opportunities to practice bedrock leadership skills such as problem solving, communication, preparation, goal-setting, and a management perspective.

Individualized Track Curriculum: This area of instruction varies according to the specific “track” the student is on within their home band.  Each camper registers for their desired discipline prior to arriving at camp.  Scott Reese Leadership Camp offers tracks specializing in: Drum Major, Field Technician, Color Guard, and Collegiate.  (Each area of specialization is explained in greater detail by following the  corresponding links below.)

Areas of Specialty